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to offer ICT leadership by catalyzing policy changes and by supporting related developments aimed at enabling Malawians to participate effectively in the modern technology-based global economy, benefiting the Nation and its partners.


To develop and promote the integrity and competence of the Information Technology (IT) profession in Malawi


ICTAM is the voice of the ICT professionals in Malawi, dedicated to serving its members, advancing their value, and improving the quality of their professional environment.


To develop and promote the integrity and competence of the Information Technology (IT) profession in Malawi; To lobby for the creation of a conducive policy and legal framework for promotion of activities and various issues on Information Technology in Malawi.
The full page scroll option takes each row of Vertex and sets it to the height of your screen. With the arrow buttons of your keyboard or the vertical scrolling of your mouse the screen will jump to the next section. Each row that has modules published to it will show as the full height of your screen. To demo this check out the homepage of this demo. You can enable on the homepage only or have it show on all pages. We recommend that it shows only on the homepage.

You can place the below code on any DIV directly as a child to <div id="s5_body_padding"> and it will make it show up full screen.


The below screenshot shows the admin area under the "layout" area of Vertex. You simply start adding names for the row names and then it will be enabled. Be sure to separate them by commas. You can enable the full page scroll to just show on the homepage only.

Fullscreen scroll navigation that shows on the right hand side of yoursite:

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ICTAM is built with elected experienced, friendliness and proficiency members.
Edmond Kachale ICTAM Vice President
Bram Fudzulani ICTAM President
Tuntufye Mwamulima ICTAM Treasurer General
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